Friday, April 2, 2010

Ngeng Ngeng...

Ngeng Ngeng Ngeng. They call it the rich "Mat Rempit" man's sport. My mom would tell me ," Why spend 1hour plus under the hot sun watching the same cars go round and round the same time". Well let me tell you first hand, I just arrived back from the Formula 1 free practice session held at the Sepang F1 circuit this morning and it is nothing compared to what you see on tv. The noise is 100000% louder, it is so loud that my ear drums were on the verge of popping.

As you know we photographers are super cheap, so this being a free event i had to at least show my face there. And furthermore it is free, no old aunty or old uncle to bother you when you are jumping up and down the seats to snap photos with your "Long Hard Black" lens.

Was greeted by this Singapore registered Bentley at the entrance. Could be Jack Neo's car, probably he was trying to make it up to his wife. Lol. 

Very very sunny day which makes it all the easier to snap snap snap.

The "free" entrance which costs RM 350 tomorrow for entrance.

The wording says it all F1 Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix 2010

Our boys in blue maintaining order.

The "RM 350 per ticket" mall area. See how i emphasize "RM 350". Lol

The various team pits.

Looks like a McLaren car and it could be Lewis Hamilton, sorry, haven't been following F1 for a long time so yeah i don't know half of the drivers name.

Richard Branson's team.

Should be the Indian team as the colours are the same as the Indian National flag

Don't know what car team and driver packing it in for the day

"Belakang dulu ar, saya mau buat reverse parking".

I think this is the RedBull team as the RedBull lambang is the biggest on the car.

Some guy hoping to make an extra buck. Alright cut the crap and more pictures on the cars.

Our own Malaysian Lotus F1 team.

Quietness hits the race track. Let me reiterate, it is super ultra fugunliciously loud, yet very adrenaline pumping. Now I can see the difference of watching it from the race track and the television.

The different teams bringing in fresh new tires for another round of practice later in the afternoon.  


The overall practice session results. Apparently Micheal Schumacher was second fastest in this session.

My dream cars are here :(

Well that's my take for the Sepang F1 Circuit Free Practice session today. Sorry about the sucky pictures, I'm still a Nooblet and I'm still learning. Comments and constructive criticisms are well appreciated

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