Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Long Hard Black Tammy

I received it today. My 70-300mm Tammy. Bought this lens on PM for a very good price. Thinking of dabbling into some wildlife/macro/portraiture photography. Cause i see pro always shoot portraits with telephotos nowadays. Yala i know the use 70-200 2.8 and mine is like f4-5.6. But I'm super cheap so this will have to do for now

She came in a gold box. I could feel her plastic long,hard black body pulsating in my hands.

When she is fully erected her length is this long.

Ok bout the lens. It sucks at low light. With low light sure die. Super slow shutter speed and the lens is kinda heavy so the pictures appear super shaky.

70MM,ISO 800 1/30S F/4

260MM ISO800 1/30S F5.3

When in bright light it does give a nice bokeh and the pictures appear quite sharp. Picture wise, its quite awesome under sufficient light. The colour is well absorbed and the features are quite sharp.

70MM ISO 400 1/250S F/4

116MM ISO 400 1/320S F4.2

70MM ISO 400 1/400S F/4

Min Focal length is 1.5m. But if your taking above 180mm theres is a Macro mode. Well its actually nothing much, it just decreases your focal length by 10cm.

Macro mode.

Features quite sharp

But the one thing i love most about this lens is the Hamsap mode. 300mm leh.. Thats like 6x more than my 18-55

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