Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Transition to Film

Was given a nice little film camera for my birthday by Phei Yee a couple of months ago. Well its actually a lomo camera.

I have to embarrassingly admit that i did not use it after having it for a few months.

The camera loads standard 35mm film and has a wide angle 22mm lens, making it an ideal camera for landscape and portrait photography. It's lens is made out of plastic so the results you get from each shot is very unpredictable

It is very much lighter than my Nikon D3000. The maker of this camera is by a Japanese company named KUMAGIN and apparently this set is a limited edition piece to commemorate Christmas, hence the silver mirror body and the bear cartoon on the front right hand corner of the camera.

It is hardly as big as the size of my palm.

I loaded the camera with Fujifilm Superia Reala 200. Was not very sure actually on which film to use.

The shots that came out from this camera are actually quite different from what you may expect from normal film cameras. The colours of the pictures are punchy and they have a better contrast.

The only downside of this camera is that it is REALLY unpredictable. The film had 32 shots and only 18 turned out ok. Most of it were either underexposed or overexposed, and due to my noobness in using film cameras, i actually wound the film up a little too tight, hence losing 4 shots there.

Overall I still find shooting in digital better. Muahahaha. But this camera does give pictures that a DSLR can never get due to its unpredictable plastic lens, this is the only thing i feel that gives it an edge against shooting in digital. I' m still thinking of experimenting more with this camera with different films and styles of shooting as the shots produced by this camera are actually quite impressive. B & W film next?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Second Shoot at Heritage Station

Walau wei...Been quite awhile since i updated. Been having a hectic and tiresome week, but fret not I still managed to squeeze in a little time to do a shoot with Phei Yee at a place that I went to last week, Heritage Station KL.

In my last post I mentioned that I did not had the opportunity to go up to the hotel roof as it was closed. Well this time, I came early and prepared. Hehe

Most of the outdoor shots are shot using 2 flash guns. A Nissin Di622 as the slave and a SB600 as the master.

Using 2 flash guns definitely did make a difference. You may ask, why use 2 flash guns in the middle of the afternoon. Well I am not a pro and actually picked this up from some pro photography site, the main purpose of using flash guns in the bright afternoon skies is basically to eliminate any unwanted shadows.

I just hope I did it right. Does the pictures look overexposed?

 It's always a custom to do jump shots on a roof.

Phei Yee looks like a dog trying to reach for a Frisbee in this shot. Lol

Was sweating profusely in like 30mins but Phei Yee was not. Wanna know why. Apparently I was carrying everything! Including her shoes!

 Muah own jump shot taken by Phei Yee. She forced me to say she was a better photographer than me after this shot, but i guess the answer is pretty obvious on who is the better photographer, Nyeh Nyeh.

Ok the roof does look nice, but it will seem silly if we just shot the exterior, after exhausting all of Phei Yee's pose, we headed indoors.

Ala "Playboy"

Some silhouette shots with a little colour treatment. 

Pretty mysterious and deep eh?

Well thats basically my take on Heritage Station in Kl. Exhausted my memory card with 150 shots as was shooting in RAW. Wanted to see the differences in shooting in different formats basically RAW is freaking big ass the file and JPEG is more like a compressed version, not too sure on that though will do more research. Well than that's it i guess, till next time!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Little Experiment

Rear curtain sync? What in the world is that. Most compact and digital cameras have that feature for their flash. Well was messing around with it during this weekend.

                                22mm ISO 200 1/2s f/3.8

So what in the world does "rear curtain sync" mean. Well i actually have no idea myself, after much trial and error i found out that the flash actually has a delayed sync to your exposure and it only works with a long exposure, say 1/2 of a second

                              20mm ISO 100 1/5s f/3.8

Using this features actually helps you to capture residual images and keeps the last frame of the exposure in focus.

                               18mm  ISO 200 1/2S f/3.5

Mostly used in sports or action shots to give the shot a sense of movement.

                               18mm ISO 100 8s f/11

                                18mm ISO 200 1/13s f/3.5

Like this, The key to using rear curtain sync is to keep moving and it takes loads of trials and errors. 

                                22mm ISO 100 2.5s f/4

Gives your shot a little lomography effect too.

                                24mm ISO 100 1/1.3s f/20

Does not really work all the time, but heck when it does, the results are really mind blasting.

                                32mm ISO 100 1/1.3s f/4.8

                                18mm ISO 100 8s f/11

I name this picture "Chasing cars". I guess it's back to studying again. Woarh... Pectoralis major...blah blah zzzzz..

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Heritage Station Hotel Shoot

Visited one of the most forgotten yet iconic places in Malaysia last weekend. The old KTM station in KL. The place brings back memories to me. I still remembered i had my first train ride here a grueling 8 hours ride from here to Penang. 


The platforms still look the same, the tiled dusty floors.

People could be seen unloading cargo onto the train cars or just waiting for their respective trains.

The alleyways are still as old and dusty as the last time I came here when i was 5.  

Headed to the Heritage Station Hotel next which is inside the station, this hotel has been here since 1903 and it has been maintained in its original state ever since.

The hallways looks eerie but yet it brings a colonial feel to the place. I guess you can say, "old is gold". Water could be seen trickling down from the roof.

Could not access the roof at the time i went as it was closed after 6. But yet it is sometimes nice to visit places where you have not been in a long time, brings back memories of your past.