Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Little Experiment

Rear curtain sync? What in the world is that. Most compact and digital cameras have that feature for their flash. Well was messing around with it during this weekend.

                                22mm ISO 200 1/2s f/3.8

So what in the world does "rear curtain sync" mean. Well i actually have no idea myself, after much trial and error i found out that the flash actually has a delayed sync to your exposure and it only works with a long exposure, say 1/2 of a second

                              20mm ISO 100 1/5s f/3.8

Using this features actually helps you to capture residual images and keeps the last frame of the exposure in focus.

                               18mm  ISO 200 1/2S f/3.5

Mostly used in sports or action shots to give the shot a sense of movement.

                               18mm ISO 100 8s f/11

                                18mm ISO 200 1/13s f/3.5

Like this, The key to using rear curtain sync is to keep moving and it takes loads of trials and errors. 

                                22mm ISO 100 2.5s f/4

Gives your shot a little lomography effect too.

                                24mm ISO 100 1/1.3s f/20

Does not really work all the time, but heck when it does, the results are really mind blasting.

                                32mm ISO 100 1/1.3s f/4.8

                                18mm ISO 100 8s f/11

I name this picture "Chasing cars". I guess it's back to studying again. Woarh... Pectoralis major...blah blah zzzzz..

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