Saturday, July 31, 2010

Morning Session With Phei Yee

Finally finished processing the last image of this set. This was taken a week back when i visited Kuantan. Did a night shoot in the previous post, well here is a morning shot.

All pictures were shot with a 70-300mm, which if you observe properly i had to do a great deal of processing as the lens was really soft and erratic at higher focal lengths.

Had to stop it down to f/8 to get decent sharpness.

None the less, the afternoon was good as we were given plenty of natural light to shoot in.

As i have said before, this lens is quite unreliable at higher focal lengths, but the colour produced by this lens are really vivid and punchy and this pretty much makes up for the soft focusing on this camera.

As girls love smooth and flawless skin, i tried my best to Post process the best i could, but really there really wasn't much post processing done except chromatic abbreviation correction and a little balancing of the colours.

Kuantan was a really nice place to shoot as the weather there was good and it is a really sleepy town, so u practically will get natural undisturbed shots there. No doubt it was fericking hot there.

Very Korean drama-ish if i got to add some snow effect to this pic.

Well that's all for this time. Just arrived back from Melaka actually and there are tons more photos to process, but that will be another time. Till than.. Toodles!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Night Shoot With Wee Phei Yee

 Was in Kuantan last Saturday to visit Mrs. Wee. Did a few shoots. Realized i haven't been shooting much lately. Have been working and pretty much lazying around alot.

There are tons of shots which have not been processed yet as we did a few shoots when I was there. So to keep the ball rolling here is the first batch, themed as night scene/fashion shoot.

Wee Phei Yee recently bought a really really expensive plastic bag online so decided that was going to be the main subject of the shoot. Was supposed to be an advertisement-ish kinda shoot. Which i think i totally missed the mark.

Here is my attempt at recreating the fashion advert theme. Forming a collage out of the pictures.

The second shoot we did in the same night was more of a casual/night scene theme. Was mean't to accentuate Wee Phei Yee's fun/clubbing side.

And was trying some stuff around with Photoshop manage to came out with some sort of "inspirational-ish" poster

Since i did not bring my tripod or did I have an assistant to help me hold the flash, I had to take the shots gorilla way lorh. Well next up will be the day shots once i have finished processing them. Comments well appreciated

Monday, July 19, 2010

My New Post Processing Unit

My laptop finally gave out on me, running Photoshop on it was a pain. Rendering images took like forever. So i decided it was time for me to invest in something that would bring me further.

Visited Lowyat last Saturday, and when i saw this model, hand itchy di. 

Decided on the Acer Aspire 5741g. It has a 15.6in LED HD screen, makes processing picture a joy, runs the latest Core I5 Processor and has a 1GB dedicated graphic card. I just installed Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 3 and it was a breeze switching between this two applications while doing post production

Oh did i mention, it has a full keyboard.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Saddest Piece Of Land That You Will Buy.

Grandpa has a month left to live. What does the family do? They have to find him a place that will be his final resting place.

Hoping to give him a Christian ceremony as he recently got saved. He agrees to it.

The though of buying him his final resting place brings silence to the car as my family trudges up the dirt road to take a look at the available plots and to make our decision.

We found a plot which was near the christian colambrium. It overlooks a valley and it is relatively peaceful. Paying the down payment for the piece of land was done in awkward silence as my father's brothers and him did not know what to make out of this.

Headed over to visit Grandpa after that. He was still in a dazed modde as he had just taken his morphine. My dad takes out a few documents for him to sign but he has no energy to move his arms.

Grandpa has to be put in a nursing home as no hospital wants to admit him as there is nothing left to be done. My parents takes the long trip from KL to JB every weekend to visit him.

One thing that really touched me was, when my dad was praying for grandpa, grandpa grab his hand and pulled him closer to him and asked him to pray louder so he could hear. Well we can only hope for the best now for him.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Portrait Me

There is a saying that photographers never photograph themselves because they are fat and nerdy. Well I hope to prove whoever who believes in that saying wrong.

I maybe nerdy but I ain't fat nor am I buff, but I hope i am photograph-able.
Please do not choke on your Starbucks while reading this blog post. This was just an experiment with some lighting technique.

Photography: Keane Eziel Ritikos
Lighting: 1x Nikon SB600
             1x Nissin Di622
             2x Ikea Table Lamps
             1x Reflector
Make up: Photoshop CS 4
Hair: Water from toilet

Well we practically spent 2 days shooting as the Nissin Di622 had problems syncing with the camera and this resulted in loads of switching and turning and also there was no reflector holder, had to use the pillows to hold the reflector.

Overall a pretty decent shoot as we managed to produce close to 30 shots

Hope your not dead yet from choking on your coffee..Lol