Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Saddest Piece Of Land That You Will Buy.

Grandpa has a month left to live. What does the family do? They have to find him a place that will be his final resting place.

Hoping to give him a Christian ceremony as he recently got saved. He agrees to it.

The though of buying him his final resting place brings silence to the car as my family trudges up the dirt road to take a look at the available plots and to make our decision.

We found a plot which was near the christian colambrium. It overlooks a valley and it is relatively peaceful. Paying the down payment for the piece of land was done in awkward silence as my father's brothers and him did not know what to make out of this.

Headed over to visit Grandpa after that. He was still in a dazed modde as he had just taken his morphine. My dad takes out a few documents for him to sign but he has no energy to move his arms.

Grandpa has to be put in a nursing home as no hospital wants to admit him as there is nothing left to be done. My parents takes the long trip from KL to JB every weekend to visit him.

One thing that really touched me was, when my dad was praying for grandpa, grandpa grab his hand and pulled him closer to him and asked him to pray louder so he could hear. Well we can only hope for the best now for him.

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  1. this is so saddening...
    but our life is full of separation... guess that we have to learn how to deal with it...
    it's such a great thing that your family bond is so strong...
    i like the way you use lomo to take the photo...
    take care and be strong.
    God will always be with you.