Saturday, July 31, 2010

Morning Session With Phei Yee

Finally finished processing the last image of this set. This was taken a week back when i visited Kuantan. Did a night shoot in the previous post, well here is a morning shot.

All pictures were shot with a 70-300mm, which if you observe properly i had to do a great deal of processing as the lens was really soft and erratic at higher focal lengths.

Had to stop it down to f/8 to get decent sharpness.

None the less, the afternoon was good as we were given plenty of natural light to shoot in.

As i have said before, this lens is quite unreliable at higher focal lengths, but the colour produced by this lens are really vivid and punchy and this pretty much makes up for the soft focusing on this camera.

As girls love smooth and flawless skin, i tried my best to Post process the best i could, but really there really wasn't much post processing done except chromatic abbreviation correction and a little balancing of the colours.

Kuantan was a really nice place to shoot as the weather there was good and it is a really sleepy town, so u practically will get natural undisturbed shots there. No doubt it was fericking hot there.

Very Korean drama-ish if i got to add some snow effect to this pic.

Well that's all for this time. Just arrived back from Melaka actually and there are tons more photos to process, but that will be another time. Till than.. Toodles!


  1. this set of photos are nice =D

  2. Thank you ee loe :) my next project is to shoot all 3 of you..

  3. the close up pics is much more nicer (flawless as it can be) compared to the first few ones...
    (general review for a person who dunno much bout this stuff)