Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Portrait Me

There is a saying that photographers never photograph themselves because they are fat and nerdy. Well I hope to prove whoever who believes in that saying wrong.

I maybe nerdy but I ain't fat nor am I buff, but I hope i am photograph-able.
Please do not choke on your Starbucks while reading this blog post. This was just an experiment with some lighting technique.

Photography: Keane Eziel Ritikos
Lighting: 1x Nikon SB600
             1x Nissin Di622
             2x Ikea Table Lamps
             1x Reflector
Make up: Photoshop CS 4
Hair: Water from toilet

Well we practically spent 2 days shooting as the Nissin Di622 had problems syncing with the camera and this resulted in loads of switching and turning and also there was no reflector holder, had to use the pillows to hold the reflector.

Overall a pretty decent shoot as we managed to produce close to 30 shots

Hope your not dead yet from choking on your coffee..Lol

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