Monday, July 26, 2010

Night Shoot With Wee Phei Yee

 Was in Kuantan last Saturday to visit Mrs. Wee. Did a few shoots. Realized i haven't been shooting much lately. Have been working and pretty much lazying around alot.

There are tons of shots which have not been processed yet as we did a few shoots when I was there. So to keep the ball rolling here is the first batch, themed as night scene/fashion shoot.

Wee Phei Yee recently bought a really really expensive plastic bag online so decided that was going to be the main subject of the shoot. Was supposed to be an advertisement-ish kinda shoot. Which i think i totally missed the mark.

Here is my attempt at recreating the fashion advert theme. Forming a collage out of the pictures.

The second shoot we did in the same night was more of a casual/night scene theme. Was mean't to accentuate Wee Phei Yee's fun/clubbing side.

And was trying some stuff around with Photoshop manage to came out with some sort of "inspirational-ish" poster

Since i did not bring my tripod or did I have an assistant to help me hold the flash, I had to take the shots gorilla way lorh. Well next up will be the day shots once i have finished processing them. Comments well appreciated

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