Sunday, March 4, 2012

Wang Lee Hom 王力宏 Music Man Tour 2 @ Stadium Merdeka 2012

The girl received some free tickets to watch him live. Not really a fan of chinese music, but why not bring a camera and shoot him rather than stone in the concert.

 Using rather un-conventional ways, we managed to bring our camera gear in. Tickets that we got were RM298 seats, 3rd most expensive. They were shaded sits but were not at a very good angle towards the stage.

So like every chinese super star, the entrance has to be awesome and dramatic. Jay Chou's entrance depicted him flying through space, but Mr. Hom's entrance was based on a war story where he was the hero saving this girl from hordes of Nazi looking like soldiers. His entrance: he game dressed in full military suit in a tank.

Did not see any band so was assuming this was gonna be a minus-one concert.

Was surprised to see his band rolling out on 4 mobile stage. His band is really quite good, composing of a few guai lows.

 Since his stage was small, he did what other artists has never done, he drove around the audience on a mobile-platform-piano-carish thingy, as u may expect, the crowd went crazy, people were all trying to get as close as they could.

Did I mention? It was pouring cats and dogs. Out of good showmanship, he still did a complete round in his mobile-platform-piano thingy.

Mr Lee Hom also shows off his great talents with different instruments, from the piano to the guitar to the er-hu, all with great finesse. This instrument particularly caught my eye, a dragon shaped guitar, how more oriental can you be. LOL

For another song he did a complete lap of the WHOLE stadium. This time in the pouring rain.

As usual the crowd were on their feet and were pushing in the rain.

Oh did I forget? He had kids to back him up on choir. That was really cute.

Overall he belted more than 20 songs in 3 hours. Great showmanship I must say even though I did not know 99.8% of the songs. 

He shaked his bon bon and jiggled with it too.

Well that's all the pictures I have, if only we had chosen a better sit, could have gotten better pics. I found out a really disturbing fact during his concert, apparently his fan club is called "Homos". Oops "Homaniacs", either way, sounds weird. LOL

Thursday, February 16, 2012

WongFu 4 Lyfe @ Taylor's Campus

Well the dreaded day did come in the end. Wee Phei Yee is at camp, and I went with her bro to Wong Fu. Not really a fan myself, just saw a few videos but im "ok-ok" with them. 

Wee Phei Yee insisted we went for the meet and greet and so I did. Left the house at 130PM and arrived at Taylor's after picking her bro at 3PM, was than told the event started at 7PM. So line up we did for the meet and greet.

The line was LOOONG at 3PM, filled with mostly screaming girls. Well who wouldn't be excited about 2 Asian dudes from the US coming down to Malaysia. (Pun intended, LOL)

At exactly 430PM they popped up above us, as they were staying in Taylor's hotel.

Ok since I wasn't really a hardcore fan I had problems identifying who was who. I kept on asking Wee Phei Yee's bro who was Ted,Phil and Lester. Turns out there was no one named Lester, but his name was Wesley.

Again, screaming girls. Well to be fair, in the mix of the crowd, I managed to meet some people who were studying film and multimedia.

 To my surprise there were like moms there too, yes MOMS. Apparently they are in their 30s, they may look really young (I assumed they were just a year or 2 older than me) So yeah, Moms trying their luck :D, but they were really a good spot, they gave out autographed posters and shook every guy's hand and hugged every screaming girl. They were really shocked and humbled when they saw such a huge crowd.

Couple of performances that night, A band named " Once upon a time, there was a sausage named Bob" played a few of their numbers. Personally they sound like a cross between Evanescence and Papa Roach?

"Quite Impressive" is how I would rate this band.

 Head smashing and banging!

Than there was a dance performance and a kid who did beat boxing which I thought was pretty cool

Than came the main attraction of the night, Wong Fu themselves.

They spoke about how they came about and even showed some of their future projects. They answered a few questions from the audience. A really down-to-earth show in my opinion.

Overall, a good show. This proves to show that Asians will one day rule Hollywood, yeah! I was really impressed with their video graphing skills and their writing skills. Most of their videos really have very good substance. Being one of the few short film makers on YouTube, they have indeed made us Asians proud.