Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wee Phei Yee Outdoor/Indoor shoot

Shot Wee Phei Yee last last week with Keanie Weanie after the muscular shoot with Jkeat.


Some sort of "studio shoot". Wee Phei yee wanted a gossip girl-ish look, hence the lala  good looking tie.

Proceeded outdoors cause the flashes ran out of batteries

Finally a "best friend' shot with Melissa. A short shooting session, will post more in the next post,was caught up with some work due to the finals. 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Did another muscular shoot today. More of a glamor shoot some may say. But nay it ain't hot girls in bikinis or what so ever. This is male glamor shots. I just think my blog lacks a little testosterone so i am boosting it with some of it. 

Model was J.Keat, Mr Keane's friend from the east coast, a gym buff and still single FYI. He gladly agreed to flex his muscles for our camera. Our lighting set-up was a little different this compare to my not so muscular shoot last time.

2 x Nikon SB-600
1 x Giant reflector
2 x Ikea lamps
1 x Demb Diffuser

Some low key shots.

He is not on steroids FYI.

"Seize the day"-ish

An inspired shot from the Calvin Klien Freddie Ljunberg campaign.

And lastly a shot to show off the great abs. We did a "wet" shot too, but heck I am too busy studying now for the hardest but shortest block :- Haematology. Till than i guess this is just what I have. Toodle looos

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Was in Penang a few days ago for the Raya holidays, this shoot was very impromptu. Since my second cousin just started picking up photography he is very interested in it and we decided to this shoot with his friend.

His friend, Tsu Sheng is gym maniac and he recently got a tattoo done on his chest. What better model yeah? Since i have been shooting non muscular male models recently, this opportunity couldn't be any better.

Some of the shots do look like studio shots but they aren't, we did this shoot at the Penang Youth Park's car park where there was huge spotlight, and we used it as our main lighting source.

The tattoo is real by the way, it's not some sticker tattoo where u get out from some chewing gum wrappers.

By using a small aperture, I manage to isolate the streetlight from the pictures, making it look like a studio shoot.

My cousin is using a Canon 550D, I did try it out and yes, i am quite impressed by it's features but not by it's user friendliness. It is definitely lighter than my D90 and it has unlimited video recording (well until it's memory  finishes) which is definitely a feature that is ahead of the D90 (5min 720p 30fps video recording). 

Well to show u guys this is an outdoor shoot and not a studio shoot. Here is a photo, lol.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Outdoor Portraiture With Ee Teng

Being on of my oldest friend, I gladly obliged to shoot her for her blogshop which she is launching soon. We did an outdoor shoot at a park near her place.

Weather was rather gloomy so it was kinda hard to estimate what shooting settings was i gonna set.

Being still newly acquainted with my 17-50mm i finally realize that this lens does has it flaws. Out 40 pictures we took, about 16 of them were out focus. Well this could be due to my own fault, probably i did not select the appropriate focal points hence the out of focusness.

Overall it was a very productive shoot as we managed to get alot of usable shots. 

And of course there were some which were to soft or had some front focusing.

Learnt a new tip from photoshop today : GET MY MONITOR CALIBRATED. After postprocessing i handed the pictures to Ee Teng, and it appeared that some of the pictures were oversaturated or underexposed, but when i was processing it, I did not see it, well it could either be any of us monitor but I'm guessing it's mine cause when i inserted the pictures from photoshop into Lightroom the pictures do look alot different. hmmmm.

Eet's found it a little awkward with me shooting her so the first few minutes I had to crack some lame jokes to make her feel comfortable with me shooting her. Well that's it from me spend like nearly a whole day processing these images and had to do it all over again after calibrating my monitor i found most of the pictures were oversaturated , Selamat Hari Raya to my Malay friends. Till then!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Of Fish Spa, Nasi Lemak and Belgium waffles

A little post that is out of the normal photography outing-ish post. Well I finished my final exams on Friday and so did Phei Yee. Decided to head to Pavillion for a little d├ętendre. 

Guess what we did. Being super jakun, we decided to get some foot massage done, but not by your usual Chinese Aunty at those dodgy foot reflexology centers, but by fishes!

And to be super kia-su, we went to the most (well in my opinion cause these fish spas are now everywhere) high class one. The original Kenko fish spa in Pavillion KL. Kenko is a Singapore company where apparently the founders are foot reflexology experts who were invited by The Royal Brunei family before for some treatment.

Phei Yee's super satisfied face, initially i told her we will be going to those "pariah" Rm20 per hour fish spas. Lols

Surprisingly Phei Yee was not ticklish when the fish started nibbling her feet, I remember I took my mom here once and she was so ticklish that she created a tsunami in the pond by kicking her legs so much.


Apparently i attracted so many fishes that none wanted to bite Phei Yee's feet, maybe due to the fact that my leg stinks. Oh well it's an athlete's feet. *Ahem

That's right, who needs shoes with our clean, and soft feet now. Muahaha

Dinner was at Madam Kwan's cause we really couldn't figure out what to eat.

Phei Yee showing her dissatisfied face as she wanted to eat Hokkien Mee. It ain't healthy Ms Phei Yee!

Dinner was Nasi Lemak for both of us which was extremely good, which maybe due to the fact that we were starving as hell.

Late night supper was at Theobroma Chocolate Lounge. We had Belgium Waffles. Which was so sinful.... Omg.. 

Due to the fact that i ate this, i had to make up for this by jogging 3KM the next day. Arghh the temptation!