Sunday, September 12, 2010


Was in Penang a few days ago for the Raya holidays, this shoot was very impromptu. Since my second cousin just started picking up photography he is very interested in it and we decided to this shoot with his friend.

His friend, Tsu Sheng is gym maniac and he recently got a tattoo done on his chest. What better model yeah? Since i have been shooting non muscular male models recently, this opportunity couldn't be any better.

Some of the shots do look like studio shots but they aren't, we did this shoot at the Penang Youth Park's car park where there was huge spotlight, and we used it as our main lighting source.

The tattoo is real by the way, it's not some sticker tattoo where u get out from some chewing gum wrappers.

By using a small aperture, I manage to isolate the streetlight from the pictures, making it look like a studio shoot.

My cousin is using a Canon 550D, I did try it out and yes, i am quite impressed by it's features but not by it's user friendliness. It is definitely lighter than my D90 and it has unlimited video recording (well until it's memory  finishes) which is definitely a feature that is ahead of the D90 (5min 720p 30fps video recording). 

Well to show u guys this is an outdoor shoot and not a studio shoot. Here is a photo, lol.

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