Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Did another muscular shoot today. More of a glamor shoot some may say. But nay it ain't hot girls in bikinis or what so ever. This is male glamor shots. I just think my blog lacks a little testosterone so i am boosting it with some of it. 

Model was J.Keat, Mr Keane's friend from the east coast, a gym buff and still single FYI. He gladly agreed to flex his muscles for our camera. Our lighting set-up was a little different this compare to my not so muscular shoot last time.

2 x Nikon SB-600
1 x Giant reflector
2 x Ikea lamps
1 x Demb Diffuser

Some low key shots.

He is not on steroids FYI.

"Seize the day"-ish

An inspired shot from the Calvin Klien Freddie Ljunberg campaign.

And lastly a shot to show off the great abs. We did a "wet" shot too, but heck I am too busy studying now for the hardest but shortest block :- Haematology. Till than i guess this is just what I have. Toodle looos

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