Saturday, September 4, 2010

Of Fish Spa, Nasi Lemak and Belgium waffles

A little post that is out of the normal photography outing-ish post. Well I finished my final exams on Friday and so did Phei Yee. Decided to head to Pavillion for a little détendre. 

Guess what we did. Being super jakun, we decided to get some foot massage done, but not by your usual Chinese Aunty at those dodgy foot reflexology centers, but by fishes!

And to be super kia-su, we went to the most (well in my opinion cause these fish spas are now everywhere) high class one. The original Kenko fish spa in Pavillion KL. Kenko is a Singapore company where apparently the founders are foot reflexology experts who were invited by The Royal Brunei family before for some treatment.

Phei Yee's super satisfied face, initially i told her we will be going to those "pariah" Rm20 per hour fish spas. Lols

Surprisingly Phei Yee was not ticklish when the fish started nibbling her feet, I remember I took my mom here once and she was so ticklish that she created a tsunami in the pond by kicking her legs so much.


Apparently i attracted so many fishes that none wanted to bite Phei Yee's feet, maybe due to the fact that my leg stinks. Oh well it's an athlete's feet. *Ahem

That's right, who needs shoes with our clean, and soft feet now. Muahaha

Dinner was at Madam Kwan's cause we really couldn't figure out what to eat.

Phei Yee showing her dissatisfied face as she wanted to eat Hokkien Mee. It ain't healthy Ms Phei Yee!

Dinner was Nasi Lemak for both of us which was extremely good, which maybe due to the fact that we were starving as hell.

Late night supper was at Theobroma Chocolate Lounge. We had Belgium Waffles. Which was so sinful.... Omg.. 

Due to the fact that i ate this, i had to make up for this by jogging 3KM the next day. Arghh the temptation! 


  1. Ahem.
    "Thank you phei yee for the waffles". =p

  2. I honestly don't know if I could stand little fish nipping or rather biting at my feet (shudders). Must be a local thing eh ?