Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Outdoor Portraiture With Ee Teng

Being on of my oldest friend, I gladly obliged to shoot her for her blogshop which she is launching soon. We did an outdoor shoot at a park near her place.

Weather was rather gloomy so it was kinda hard to estimate what shooting settings was i gonna set.

Being still newly acquainted with my 17-50mm i finally realize that this lens does has it flaws. Out 40 pictures we took, about 16 of them were out focus. Well this could be due to my own fault, probably i did not select the appropriate focal points hence the out of focusness.

Overall it was a very productive shoot as we managed to get alot of usable shots. 

And of course there were some which were to soft or had some front focusing.

Learnt a new tip from photoshop today : GET MY MONITOR CALIBRATED. After postprocessing i handed the pictures to Ee Teng, and it appeared that some of the pictures were oversaturated or underexposed, but when i was processing it, I did not see it, well it could either be any of us monitor but I'm guessing it's mine cause when i inserted the pictures from photoshop into Lightroom the pictures do look alot different. hmmmm.

Eet's found it a little awkward with me shooting her so the first few minutes I had to crack some lame jokes to make her feel comfortable with me shooting her. Well that's it from me spend like nearly a whole day processing these images and had to do it all over again after calibrating my monitor i found most of the pictures were oversaturated , Selamat Hari Raya to my Malay friends. Till then!

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