Thursday, March 24, 2011

Shaving Our Heads Like Britney to Attend an "Army" Camp

As part of my uni's curriculum we had to attend a camp which is said to be a "personality development" camp, but so far what I have heard from my seniors is they were all punished and tortured during this camp

This camp was supposedly directed by army personnel trainers and was meant to test our physical limit. As this was an army camp all guys were required to cut No.2 hair.

Never actually been in a chinese school before or attend national service I had never cut my hair shorter than 5 inches before, the only time I did cut my hair to this short extent was back in primary school when a guy threw some chewing gum into my hair and I had to cut my hair off.

1st victim was Azim, well not actually a victim because I had seen him bald before this was like a trim for him.

Next was Alif, who like me had never cut his hair any shorter than his current hair length.Tears were filling up his eyes as the hair slowly dropped off his forehead as the razor ran in between his hair.

Ariff had his turn, but his hair was thin already, so going bald did make him look neater.

Up next was "Britney" Fit'ri. The whole day he was talking about cutting his hair "Britney" Style that he actually took the shaver from the Macha and did it like how Britney did it when she was stark raving mad

Looking as though he was pissed with the paparazzi

"I am going to keep this hair so incase anything happen to me in the camp i will be able to clone back myself with hair" says Fitri

Up next was me, to me I was half hoping that the machine would break down, as I was really not looking forward to losing my hair, I am a chinese and during the olden days we used to have our "Tochang" and cutting it off was like cutting off our pride, so yeah was NOT looking forward at all to be losing my hair.

I was so scared that during the whole process i literally closed my eyes. What if I looked like a gangsters selling DVD in Petaling Street, what if I looked like a Chinese school boy, I was half hoping I might look like David Beckham when he was bald or Channing Tatum.

Harin too was quite reluctant to loose his hair, as like us "long hairers" we tend to treasure our hair alot.

Well with all the shaving, clipping and neck breaking done we decided to do a shoot with our new hair.

"The Head hunter shot"

 And of course the Britney Shoots!

Till than! Attending a camp that I might suffer the most in my life, I hope i survive though!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Of Love and UFO's

After acquiring my 85mm f/1.8 i noticed it's bokeh was really creamy. So i decided to experiment with manipulating the bokeh shapes by a bokeh filter i DIY-ed.

The most common "DIY-ed" bokeh shape is of course the heart.

These were supposed to be UFO's but it looks like clouds now, I am not that good at art and craft  : (

Shooting this requires you to defocus the lens but can it be done with a subject?

Defitnely! Here are my doggies with love floating all over them

Tried to put my name in, but well, i really suck in cutting.

Some abstract shots.

Rows of hearts <3

"Mars Invasion".

Gonna use this in my next shoot, still experimenting with different shapes and words. Till than!