Friday, March 4, 2011

The "Messiest" Burger in PJ.

Most road side burger stalls in Malaysia boast almost the same recipes, patty,bread,salad. But there are a few which are exceptional, and these few exceptional ones put in a little extra into their recipe, some have a secret sauce some put extra mayo and some dip their patties with black pepper sauce

But there is one that seems to outclass the rest and it is the DU uptown roadside burger stall. Was first introduced to this stall about a year ago by a good friend of mine, apparently one of the secret sauce he uses is mustard. He only opens at 10pm and usually finish selling by 1230pm, so business is booming for him

Those brightly and lightly toasted burger buns..

OOOO..ze cheese!

Sequential steps on how they make their special cheese. Makes your mouth water doesn't it.

 Marking out which is which for the customers

The ever so famous Ramly patties. Like I said before almost all the burger stalls in KL uses the same patties,the same buns and almost the same salad, what really makes a burger stand stand out from the others, is the extra effort they put in like the secret sauce or the extra mayo.  

Let the unwrapping and the mouth watering begin!

My friend once told me that if the burger ain't messy means it wasn't done right. So yeah it is super messy that opening the wrapper was a trouble.


The aftermath.. So where do you reckon is the best burger stall?


  1. LOL ~ Okayyy ~ It sure looks really messy ! Haha !

    Where is the exact location of the stall ?? Would like to give it a try too ~ =)

  2. Looks yummy and making me hungry now.

  3. I like it if they add the Lee and Perrins sauce, makes it even more delicious!! :)

  4. Your photography is cool :D
    I like it!!

  5. OMG! Its so delicious! growling now LOL
    and I love those pictures :)

  6. shyeeett..why la you tormenting me now isit? am i that good friend of yours? lol..