Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Legendary 85mm Lens

Recently acquired this lens. Was searching for it high and low, i got to tell you, this lens is really hard to find. It's as though no one wants to sell it. Whenever there is anyone opening it up for sale it would be quickly snatched up.

What is so great about this lens, first it has a large aperture f/1.8 to be exact. The bigger brother (the 85mm f/1.4 goes for 3x the price). The images it produces is super tack sharp.

Decided to take the lens for a short test-drive by shooting for my co-owned blogshop with Phei Yee.

I have to say the colours produced by this lens is absolutely amazing. It is a lil bit soft at f/1.8 though but at f/2.2 it is tack sharp.

The details are so fine and the contrast is really good.Oh ya for the complete catalog on the dresses sold on our blogshop do visit HTTP://UN-MASQUED.BLOGSPOT.COM

This lens performs exceptionally well under low light. Some people might ask why not the 50 f/1.4, well in my opinion 85mm gives you about 1-2m distance from your subject and it is ideal for street photography and plus the longer focal length gives a more creamier and ballsy bokeh.

*UPDATE! I have noticed alot of people been telling me that the pics here look soft. I couldn't agree more, but when i checked the org file, at crop 100% the pics still look dead on sharp this could be probably due to resize or the post process effect I applied on her face. So im inserting the org file pic here:


  1. Shouldn't 85mm is till waist level? If go too far of course it will be soft isn't it?

  2. Woah..legendary lens + beautiful model = Superb photography!!

  3. haha , i 'm focusing on the model and the clothing xD sorry ya ;p

  4. hey, when shooting portraits such as these, when you have ample amounts of time and light, shoot at minimum f/4. That way sharpness wouldn't be much of a problem. Most studio shots are done at f/8 anyway.

  5. you took the picture of the lens on the floor of our room. wonder where the mosquito coils went. hehehe