Friday, February 25, 2011

The Thean Hou Gong Walkaround

Hello hello! I have just finished my finals so I found sometime to update my blog on a recent "walkaround" I did at Thean Hou Temple. I have not heard of this temple before and only heard of it when my dad told me about a photography competition organized by the temple in conjunction with CNY.

Was thinking of joining the competition as it was film competition but my schedule was so hectic that I only had time to visit it last week, the dateline was two weeks ago :(

Any whoser, Thean Hou Gong is really a large temple, considering the fact that it is within KL and land is always scarce in KL. It is one of the oldest temples in KL and it is always well decorated during the CNY season.

There are many classical and intricate art and sculptures found around the temple.

The temple is covered by a sea of lanterns during the CNY season, a real great sight to capture.

 I visited the temple last Saturday, if i am not mistaken it was the 13th day of CNY and many people could still be seen performing their rites.

Some lotus cake-candle thingy

The interior of the temple, where believers could be seen offering their prayers.

With that, this brings an end to my short photo-exploration of the Thean Hou Temple. Till next time!


  1. Wow! I was always under the impression that we were not allowed to take photos inside a temple. Looks like time has changed!

  2. This temple is so grand, can't find that anywhere in SG:(

  3. Oh my god!Those lantern is awesome!!!So pretty~XD

  4. Well done! It's a waste you didn't join that competition. That temple is always full of red lanterns.

  5. whoa you took beautiful pictures my friend!

    I had my ROM at this temple, beautiful place!

    * *

  6. these photos are nice! I like it. :D

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