Friday, February 4, 2011


What did I do for CNY? Well i basically traveled about 80% of the North-South Highway. On Monday I headed down to Johor and on Wednesday I headed up to Penang. Literally just reached back from Penang a few hours ago. Is it possible to get car-lag from traveling up and down?

Anyway was in Johor, my dad's side and my Dad's place is in a Kampung area so the place was lit up very well as it was an old Chinese kampung. There were alot of temples in the area too so it was the place was really well decorated and was well in the CNY spirit.

Some "Bokeh-balls"

 And some "tanglung-balls"

Visited an old folks home during the second day, been doing this for almost 3 years with my family.

It's nice to sit once in awhile with the old people and hear about their stories

Will update more. Really tired at the moment now. Gong Xi Fa Chai once again :D


  1. very nice of you guys that every year you all visit the all folks home.. Lovely =D

  2. u are so nice going to old folks home..=) love the pictures..

  3. Thats a good thing! They really need our help & concern.. anyway, happy cny too ;)