Sunday, January 30, 2011

Birthday Meals

Well's i officially turn 21 today. Means I am an adult have to stop bullshitting so much already. But on the other hand! It means I am of legal age in 98 countries.Woot! First thing i wanna do is get high in Amsterdam! Well since it was my birthday i was treated to a series of meals by a few good friends and my parents, here are some of my "Coming of age meals" which i was treated to.

First of, was treated to a meal at Hard Rock Cafe, ya ya i am that "jakun" I have not ate at this place ever and I always thought that famous superstars and rich uncles could only eat here, so when Phei Yee asked me where I wanted to eat for my birthday, I insisted said that I wanted to eat at the most awesome place in the world: "Hard Rock Cafe".

Probably I had my expectations too high but when i entered the place, it was just like an American Diner, but the place was filled with "ang moh" and the bar was super full and it was only like 7pm. Pretty to early to get drunk huh. The tables were all fully booked and we had to make a reservation before hand.

Food wise: quite good actually, except the price, almost like Tony Roma's but with a 30% hike.

We ordered Chicken Fingers and Hawaiian Chicken chop. The food is definitely more tasty than those you might find at your standard TGIF or Chilli's 

The food are not microwaved, but made to order (you can tell this by feeling the plate, if it's hot, means it has just been chucked into the microwave).


The "belanja-er".

Overall a good dining experience, just a little pricey. I did enjoy very very much despite the rainy weather where both of us had to run in the rain like some Korean Drama.

Second place that I was treated to was La Risata by my parents, saw this place in KLUE I think and decided to try it out, it's been years since I tried authentic Italian food (No, Italianese does not count as it is not even from Italy) 

Had quite a problem finding this place as it is located in such an obscure location.  

No doubt it is located an obscure location the place was packed! Since this was  my first time there, I had no idea what to order, so being a typical China Man i ordered the items that had a star beside them and were of the most expensive (Since I was not paying..Woahahaha) First up was the Pizza Chorizo, lamb grilled sausages with your usual pizza toppings. One thing that distinguish this place from the other "Italian' restaurants is that they have a proper fire stove to cook the pizzas and not an electric oven, so the pizzas do taste better and more "authentic-er".

Parent's were not to keen when i told them wine would go well with our pasta, but they did say "Ok order larh". 

What's going to any Italian restaurant without having any pasta? It would't be complete without any pasta. So we ordered the Pasta La Risata. Oh yeah they menu was uber complicated as the whole thing was in Italian, so i had to do some guessing work when it came to ordering.

What is the pasta La Risata? Well it's baked pasta with a spicy sauce with mixed seafood. The sauce had Chillies padi and I swore i nearly teared when i bit into one of the chillies.

For dessert we ordered Creme Napolitean or something like that.Can't seem to remember

I have no idea what this was, but it tasted like Portuguese egg tarts.

It had 3 flavors : Chocolate, vanilla and orange.

 Overall nice nice nice and cheap.

Finally, was treated to breakfast at Le Vain. I did not know this place existed until i read it up somewhere and thanks to directions from Li Chuen. :D

It is a bakery, but what makes it different is that they make their own yeast and they have a stone oven.

Not that pricey but their dough and pastry was definitely different.

"Crazy eyes chocolate crunch"

Squid bread!

Overall i enjoyed the pastry so much that i ate about RM 24 worth of bread. Ha now that my "coming of age" ceremonies are now complete it is time to stop the bullshitting and grow up but just a little, still want to be a boy :(


  1. hha! the crazy eyes chocolate crunch look so cute and funny. What a nice place to celebrate your birthday, Happy Birthday :)

  2. OH MY GOD. I love the food!! I'm feeling so hungry now lol.

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  4. Happy Birthday! Haha! nice photos!

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  7. Nice sharing bout yr bday! ^^ i enjoy reading yr post !!hehe!

  8. yummy food! and Happy Birthday !

  9. nice! HAppy Birthday! :)

  10. Awesome bday with so many nice food :)
    U managed to find LeVain with my directions?

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