Saturday, January 22, 2011

Malaysia Open 2011

Headed down to Putra Stadium yesterday to catch some Malaysia Open action. The place was not as packed as i expected it to be, but the tickets for the semi finals had already sold out. To be honest the tickets were quite reasonable priced.

Premier tickets for RM35 and a very good view too.

There were a couple of good matches as it was at the quarter final stages and most good players had already made it through.

There was our Males doubles, two youngsters who played quite well but were outmatched by the Japanese doubles team who seemed to be more quicker and tenacious with their attacks.

Some words of wisdoms from our National doubles coach Rexy.

A very good match was on of the Men's Singles quarter final mathces which featured Taufik Hidayat against Kenichi Tago.

Taufik was really sharp and his smashes caught the Japanese off guard on a few occasions.

The Japanese did give a good fight but alas Taufik was just too good for him. There were loads of Indonesians there who came and supported their national hero.

Another good match was the women's single which featured Taiwan against China.

The Taiwanese girl was so short and small sized that she looked like she was no match for her Chinese opponent.

She did surprise the crowd by winning the first set to apparently the China's women's 1st seeded opponent

But due to her small stature she was really exhausted by the end of the second set that she eventually lost in the third set.

The women's doubles quarter finals was also a good match to "watch" mainly because of the Korean Women's team. *Ahem

The match between Chen Loong and Lin Dan was apparently really hyped up as everyone was cheering Lin Dan's name when the court was cleared for his match, but he had some injury and he choose to back out. Which leave us to the last match. The Men's singles between our Datuk Lee Choong Wei and some Vietnam player which I have trouble remembering his name.

The "Boss" Misbun Sidek did came to watch his prodigy in action.

And to spare a few words of advice for him.

 1 word for the match: Outclassed

Lee Choong Wei was playing in his own zone and he was controlling most of the game, he rarely made any mistakes and literally in a class of his own.

Great sportsmanship too from the World Number 1 as he gave the crowd and appreciation clap before he left.

That's Phei Yee's Huge crush.

Overall a very fun experience, to be honest i do not have any interest in badminton actually but was persuaded by a friend to go as the tickets were cheap. Oh ya we did manage to take a picture with the Vietnam player who Lee Choong Wei beat, I was surprised by his build as it looked like I could have easily knocked him over. Lol


  1. weiiii! there are better photos of my HUGE crush okehhh. :p

  2. Ticket sold out? whoa. Got a lot of spectators eh?
    Great pics dude!

  3. u got some good shots there!


  4. RM35 only? That's really cheap and I can see that the place is quite empty :P Why is yr friend standing so far from the player in the last pic? HEHE

  5. nice pics! btw, i got watch live in tv too! chong wei won! =D