Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My First Film Roll

I received a film camera from Phei Yee's dad awhile back. Tried an expired roll at first and to my dismay there was no pictures that turned out, so this time I bough a fresh roll and headed out to Petaling Street to do some street photography.

A 35mm film camera is a cheap way to a full frame camera, much better than your average DX body as there is not 1.6x crop and a 100% viewfinder coverage of course minus the Live View and the "digitallness"

There is heavy vignette as I used my tammy 17-50 on this body and being a DX lense, it covers the sensor abit, but it does give it a "pin-hole" like appearance.

Film is definitely different than digital as the tones produced are stronger and sharper.

Details are more finer and the contrast is different, its a whole new ball game with film.

When i attached my 70-300mm Tammy, I noticed that CA was much lesser compared to when I used it with my D90.

A few limitations though, ISO was only up to 200 and max shutter speed was 1/200.

And of course there is the processing fee and each print would cause you 30cents for 4R. And there is the possibility that some of your shots might be ruin as there is no telling how your shots may look like before they are processed

Using this camera body, I had to manually focus most of my shots as the the AF-motor in this body is damaged, it really does take great patience especially when you are shooting moving objects.

But to my surprise i was kinda shocked to see that most of my shots were in focus, I greatly relied on the camera's electronic AF-guide when i was shooting and it requires a great deal of patience.

Any hooser, will be trying more of film now probably B&W next. All shots were shot using Kodak Gold 400.


  1. I love the shots. :) i'm just scanning an expired Superia 400. I love the expired film look. :) And yeah, vignetting, but i like it a lot. it looks good.

  2. long time didnt go petaling street edy

  3. ahh..too bad the AF is spoiled if not the photos would looks better. Nice pics btw :)

  4. Hey,nice pics u have ^^ It's been a long time I never been to petaling street...hmm...

  5. Nice, got the retro + vintage feel :D

  6. wow.. the quality not bad o~ xD

  7. God. I love these photos. :D Especially when there's those vignettes. Kinda adds some feel to it. Even if the AF is spoiled, but who cares much. You just have to trust yourself more. :D

  8. wow the pictures are way too cool>< petaling street is soo packed eh XD

  9. nice man.. :D
    followed you. :)

  10. wow! this is nice :D love all the pictures