Sunday, October 31, 2010

Colour Treatment

Did something a little different today. Took out my telephoto and went into the heart of KL to shoot. Was told by a friend to try something unorthodox to experience a different perspective towards photography. 

When your camera is attached with a telephoto u tend to view your pictures in the viewfinder to be more compact and tightly cropped. 

Using a telephoto this separates you from your subject and this gives your subject a space where u can shoot him/her in their daily activities without much fear of being in front of a camera.

With a little color treatment, thus DSLR shots can look LOMO-ish.

Spent loads of time tweaking to colours and experimenting with different filters to come out with different results.

Well managed to learn some colour tweaking today i guess, might come in handy in the future.

It is really fun to bring a telephoto into a busy city and just shoot people or architecture. Will defitnely try it again

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Safiah And Umar Shoot

Did a shoot for Safiah and Umar not too long ago. Was very busy lately and had very little time for a shoot, had to reject some too.

Anyway this shoot was carried out Putrajaya Precint 9, near the Masjid Besi.

Experimented with some HDR effects. Turned out a little odd, this was my first time using HDR for a portrait. Turned out quite "Dave Hill-ish" hor.

Did a late evening shoot, so the lighting was not really on our side, had to cheat abit using PP.

Nevertheless my hit rate is improving, out of 30 shots 18 were usable, that is above 50% which is quite a good improvement.

 A finally some photographic styles I'm experimenting with.

The Korean quotes are really corny but nevertheless, ha ain't both of them sweet.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Close up Portraiture

Was at Kuantan a few days back and decided to shoot Phei Yee as was trying out some new techniques on lighting. Not the best at it yet but here are the shots.

Took loads of pictures but only a few turned out ok. It's really hard to shoot without an assistant or a tripod so all the off shoe flashes as hand held. So u can imagine, was holding the flash with one hand and the camera with the other.

Although it was hard,but when u achieve the shots you just brings total satisfaction.

Last shot to leave you guys with you. Till then :)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Wet Man Shoot

Right, as you all might remember in my last few posts, me and Mr Keane shot Jkeat in studio setting. After doing those shots, it so happened the flashes ran out of batteries and we decided to do a wet shoot, so we proceeded to the pool.

Taking a shower before entering the pool.

The goal was to achieve a Men's Health magazine like look for the shots.

This means a glazed and shiny body to bring out more of the body features.

And of course some post-processing play to exit from the norm of "just another picture".

To be honest i have no idea why i did this shot like this, but i remember i was watching an Armani perfume ad and the whole ad was black and white except for the perfume bother.Hmmm.