Monday, October 11, 2010

Close up Portraiture

Was at Kuantan a few days back and decided to shoot Phei Yee as was trying out some new techniques on lighting. Not the best at it yet but here are the shots.

Took loads of pictures but only a few turned out ok. It's really hard to shoot without an assistant or a tripod so all the off shoe flashes as hand held. So u can imagine, was holding the flash with one hand and the camera with the other.

Although it was hard,but when u achieve the shots you just brings total satisfaction.

Last shot to leave you guys with you. Till then :)


  1. hye ther!!! i luv the 2nd pic!!!
    the right amount of lighting flashes...
    the right mood...
    the reflects of her hair from the lighting....
    the 2nd last pic mcm lomo pic...
    but nicer....

    (the first common,humble thoughts comes from a!)

  2. Hey ainaa thanks for u comments means alot :)