Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Well it was about time.

Received my baby on launch day but just didn't had the time to shoot it. I named her Melvin's Pad.

Don't blame me, blame Steve Jobs he named it iPad. The sexy new speak grill design

Best lock screen ever, Gal Gadot, she just makes guys squirms in their seats

The 33% reduction in weight can really be felt, feels like a KitKat in your hands.

The new design is also super sexy,no wobbly surface like the first iPad but a smooth brushed aluminium back.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Wedding

As the professional exam nears, there is a sense of panic and fear among the students as they gear up to prepare for it, but not this 2, for them, getting married is the best thing that can happen to them, not to say they are ignorant about the exam, but they know by having each other they will be able to solve any problems.

Attended their wedding and did a shoot for this happy couple. 

I don't usually do weddings, so i was really stumped on how to shoot a wedding, tried researching the web and looked at works of other photographers to get some inspiration.

Nevertheless once they were in front the camera, they need little directions from me as we were friends for quite some time so everything came quite naturally.

There were a snags though, as I was not really feeling that well, I was walking around with a headache, nevertheless, we came out with some really beautiful shots.

I was actually quite excited about the shoot that the night before, I could not sleep as I was worrying about all the mistakes and gear malfunction I might have on the day of the wedding.

Made a couple of mistakes, but hey, photography is all about learning from mistakes ain't it.

Final few shots which i think it's one of the few "it" shots.

Well that's it from me. I would like to wish Umar and Safiah a happy marriage, may their marriage be for eternity :D