Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Safiah And Umar Shoot

Did a shoot for Safiah and Umar not too long ago. Was very busy lately and had very little time for a shoot, had to reject some too.

Anyway this shoot was carried out Putrajaya Precint 9, near the Masjid Besi.

Experimented with some HDR effects. Turned out a little odd, this was my first time using HDR for a portrait. Turned out quite "Dave Hill-ish" hor.

Did a late evening shoot, so the lighting was not really on our side, had to cheat abit using PP.

Nevertheless my hit rate is improving, out of 30 shots 18 were usable, that is above 50% which is quite a good improvement.

 A finally some photographic styles I'm experimenting with.

The Korean quotes are really corny but nevertheless, ha ain't both of them sweet.

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