Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sports Carnival 2010: Badminton

My university held a sports carnival for a few weeks and I never really had a chance to shoot anything till the final week. Was invited by a good friend of mine to shoot the finals of badminton as his house had made it to the finals.

The green team.

The red team.

I felt this was a good chance to brush up on my sports photography as I will be attending the Malaysian Open this Friday.

Some words of advice from the "ever-fired up" coach.

First up was the men's singles.

Than the women's singles.

Followed by the mixed doubles.

The green house won the first male singles but loss in the mixed doubles and women's single. 

So all was left was the women's doubles.

Some words of encouragement from the green house captain so that the green house could still have a chance for the title.

They did try their best the girls in the doubles but they were just outmatched by the red house. Even though they lost but the captain decided to have one final match.

Overall green house finished second and the red house came in first. A short update, I finished shooting my first roll on the film SLR but when I developed the film all the shots were underexposed, I'm guessing the film I used was damaged or either the camera's metering system is off.


  1. nice...but soon is soon i guess..wahahaha

  2. Ah another purist! My friends uses SLR too ^^

  3. Great shots Mel! Expect more of the same or even beta in Malaysia OPEN! time for the big stage!

  4. nice pictures!!are u going to watch malaysia open?hehee

  5. nice shots..:) quite long I didn't play badminton edi.. :P