Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Melody's Short Casual Shoot

Was in Penang a couple of days ago to visit some relatives for CNY.

Decided to shoot my cousin during the last day of my trip, and this was a very impromptu thingy, so this shoot was done in a short period of time.

This is my cousin, Melody. She is super vain so doing this shoot was not a problem for her :D

The weather in Penang was excruciatingly hot! Standing in the road for 10 minutes would make the back of your t-shirt stick to your back.

The shots are simple and very "Family outing like" not really much of a portraiture, cause this was a very last minute thing

But still, I managed to get the shots I wanted and I am quite happy with most of them.

My recent shots have been subjected to alot of criticism,I don't know could this be due to the fact I have not been shooting alot lately or is it just the fact that I have not been putting effort in my shots as I did before.

Anyway can't be bothered so much by haters, let haters be haters. I have my finals to concentrate on! Till than


  1. I like the 7th picture! Her face looks so cute =D

  2. yeah, me too. picture no 7 looks different and creative.

  3. Cool photos.. and she looks like my younger sister.. :)

  4. Nice pictures..
    Sadly i see no resemblance of you to her...well too bad Melvin. haha

  5. Nice pictures! Can I know what camera are u using?

  6. Nice pictures :) What lens you using?

  7. Hey Melvin! I am here supporting your site :) btw, love the 1st and 10th picture of your latest post. Keep up the good work updating this blog. :D