Friday, March 11, 2011

Of Love and UFO's

After acquiring my 85mm f/1.8 i noticed it's bokeh was really creamy. So i decided to experiment with manipulating the bokeh shapes by a bokeh filter i DIY-ed.

The most common "DIY-ed" bokeh shape is of course the heart.

These were supposed to be UFO's but it looks like clouds now, I am not that good at art and craft  : (

Shooting this requires you to defocus the lens but can it be done with a subject?

Defitnely! Here are my doggies with love floating all over them

Tried to put my name in, but well, i really suck in cutting.

Some abstract shots.

Rows of hearts <3

"Mars Invasion".

Gonna use this in my next shoot, still experimenting with different shapes and words. Till than!


  1. Wow! Good shooting!
    How to make it ?

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  3. How did you took all this photos? Wow amazing. I ditched my semi-pro awhile. try to catch up with analogue cameras. :D got a film processed, can check this out

  4. wow ! nice one ! btw, how u did it? mind to share?hahaz...

  5. nice! i made a diy bokeh filter for a long time d but still havent used it xD