Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Transition to Film

Was given a nice little film camera for my birthday by Phei Yee a couple of months ago. Well its actually a lomo camera.

I have to embarrassingly admit that i did not use it after having it for a few months.

The camera loads standard 35mm film and has a wide angle 22mm lens, making it an ideal camera for landscape and portrait photography. It's lens is made out of plastic so the results you get from each shot is very unpredictable

It is very much lighter than my Nikon D3000. The maker of this camera is by a Japanese company named KUMAGIN and apparently this set is a limited edition piece to commemorate Christmas, hence the silver mirror body and the bear cartoon on the front right hand corner of the camera.

It is hardly as big as the size of my palm.

I loaded the camera with Fujifilm Superia Reala 200. Was not very sure actually on which film to use.

The shots that came out from this camera are actually quite different from what you may expect from normal film cameras. The colours of the pictures are punchy and they have a better contrast.

The only downside of this camera is that it is REALLY unpredictable. The film had 32 shots and only 18 turned out ok. Most of it were either underexposed or overexposed, and due to my noobness in using film cameras, i actually wound the film up a little too tight, hence losing 4 shots there.

Overall I still find shooting in digital better. Muahahaha. But this camera does give pictures that a DSLR can never get due to its unpredictable plastic lens, this is the only thing i feel that gives it an edge against shooting in digital. I' m still thinking of experimenting more with this camera with different films and styles of shooting as the shots produced by this camera are actually quite impressive. B & W film next?


  1. where did you get the lomo camera and cost how much for that?
    i want to get 1 of it too!

  2. Go learn the use of a lomo camera. Then you'll know why it was overexposed or underexposed. If you want okay shots, go get a proper film camera.

  3. bluestarstsl: Well the camera was given to me by my girl.She said she bought it at theclickshop.net i think. Its about 100 plus. But let me warn you first you will be spending loads on film using this camera as not all shots will turn around the way you want it to be

    Keane: Haha i know thats why i cuba cuba with this camera first. Want to try using different films and all. I actually researched abit on lomo cameras before i started using this cam all i know is the results of each shots are different from each other and they are really unpredictable. Thanks for the advice anyways.. Deeply appreciated

  4. haha! ok! i would like to try it out.
    thanks for the advice.

  5. Okay. haha. I really want a polaroid soon like real soon. =)

  6. hey melvin, roughly how much to develop the film??