Saturday, April 24, 2010

Second Shoot at Heritage Station

Walau wei...Been quite awhile since i updated. Been having a hectic and tiresome week, but fret not I still managed to squeeze in a little time to do a shoot with Phei Yee at a place that I went to last week, Heritage Station KL.

In my last post I mentioned that I did not had the opportunity to go up to the hotel roof as it was closed. Well this time, I came early and prepared. Hehe

Most of the outdoor shots are shot using 2 flash guns. A Nissin Di622 as the slave and a SB600 as the master.

Using 2 flash guns definitely did make a difference. You may ask, why use 2 flash guns in the middle of the afternoon. Well I am not a pro and actually picked this up from some pro photography site, the main purpose of using flash guns in the bright afternoon skies is basically to eliminate any unwanted shadows.

I just hope I did it right. Does the pictures look overexposed?

 It's always a custom to do jump shots on a roof.

Phei Yee looks like a dog trying to reach for a Frisbee in this shot. Lol

Was sweating profusely in like 30mins but Phei Yee was not. Wanna know why. Apparently I was carrying everything! Including her shoes!

 Muah own jump shot taken by Phei Yee. She forced me to say she was a better photographer than me after this shot, but i guess the answer is pretty obvious on who is the better photographer, Nyeh Nyeh.

Ok the roof does look nice, but it will seem silly if we just shot the exterior, after exhausting all of Phei Yee's pose, we headed indoors.

Ala "Playboy"

Some silhouette shots with a little colour treatment. 

Pretty mysterious and deep eh?

Well thats basically my take on Heritage Station in Kl. Exhausted my memory card with 150 shots as was shooting in RAW. Wanted to see the differences in shooting in different formats basically RAW is freaking big ass the file and JPEG is more like a compressed version, not too sure on that though will do more research. Well than that's it i guess, till next time!


  1. What's with the bathtub? on the roof? probably used by the workers on a rainy day...

  2. Haha yeah..neway follow my blog larh

  3. Would have to say pic no. 10 is the best in terms of composition. Silhouette shots are better if the model posed in a darker pose. Then it would create a better mysterious feel.

    I've seen shots with flashes in the day time and I understand the purpose of it. But I think you might have over-did it this time. You can see from the first few pictures that the flash was reflected off phei yee's face. It's very obvious that you used a flash, that created very harsh lighting. That's why you need diffusers, softboxes and umbrellas.

    Also, it is not to completely eliminate shadows as shadows create contrast, and dynamics which is good. The coloration is quite flat, really. Not my cup of tea.

  4. Thank you my dark master..yeah did not think of diffusing the you know the only diffuser I have is a half cut orange juice bottle..but yeah some shadows are good..thanks for the heads terms of colouration how do I improve it? I shot most of the shots in WB direct sunlight, vivid colours. With one level increase in sharpening and saturation.

  5. Great shots I must say for starters =)
    love the colors~
    Well some suggestions, u can try using softwares like photoshop or lightroom to post-process your pics~

    I can see some pics when after post-process it will turn out great~

    If using photoshop/lightroom is though for you, u can use google picasa opensource freeware tool
    very simple and one-touch edit tool~

    FYI i use Picasa most of the time for quick PP-ing

  6. haha.. I also want to get a diffuser leh. You might want to consider some cheaper alternatives to the likes of Gary Fong and Strobox and giottos stands, BUT remember that your cheaper alternative is always just ONLY temporary to the original that you will work to get. This includes your Nissin, that I believe you will upgrade to a Nikon.

    If you can't fix your coloration when you shoot, fix it in photoshop, or lightroom. There is a section where you can tweak specific colours only.

    The best way to learn is to shoot in WB Temperatures(in Kelvin), also if you have the time like model shoots. That way you can tweak the white balance to ANYTHING you want before even shooting. In the words of Louis Pang, you should get as close to perfection in your camera before hitting photoshop.

  7. Justin Hee: Yeah i did actually did some balancing with lightroom. Still don't know why the colours are a little bland. Maybe my laptop monitor not calibrated.

    Keane: Yeah you got that right Nikon sb800 is on my wishlist. Mind pointing out whats wrong with the colours in this series?