Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Broga Hills Photoscape

Headed to Broga Hills on Sunday. I seriously had no idea where it was, I have been seeing pictures of the place on photography forums lately and thought the place was in England or Europe. So when one of the forum post stated that this place was in Semenyih, i thought I really had to check this place out for myself.

Broga Hills is located about 10 minutes away from Nottingham University in Semenyih. It is quite easy to miss it as there are no proper signboard to guide you towards the place. The entrance to the trail is located in an oil palm plantation which is opposite a rabbit farm.

There are 4 peaks there and it is a 1.7km trek towards the first peak and it takes roughly about 45 minutes. The trek up there is moderately hard. 

The view from the top is really worth the trouble, the sweat and the joint pains.

The air up there is really fresh and there is an occasional breeze which makes it quite cooling.

When i trekked up on Sunday I was a little late to catch the sunrise, so if you are planning to head there it is advisable to reach there at 6AM if you want to catch the sunrise as I was told it is quite pretty.

Messed with a little HDR, it is a little nooby as this is still pretty new to me.

HDR or High Dynamic Range, to me is the process of combining 3 pictures, one underexposed, overexposed and with the correct exposure. This process is used in the 3D games to develop their game environment.

Well here are the results of my first try. Anyway have to get back to memorizing the bones in the upper limb. Haish....

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