Sunday, April 11, 2010

Heritage Station Hotel Shoot

Visited one of the most forgotten yet iconic places in Malaysia last weekend. The old KTM station in KL. The place brings back memories to me. I still remembered i had my first train ride here a grueling 8 hours ride from here to Penang. 


The platforms still look the same, the tiled dusty floors.

People could be seen unloading cargo onto the train cars or just waiting for their respective trains.

The alleyways are still as old and dusty as the last time I came here when i was 5.  

Headed to the Heritage Station Hotel next which is inside the station, this hotel has been here since 1903 and it has been maintained in its original state ever since.

The hallways looks eerie but yet it brings a colonial feel to the place. I guess you can say, "old is gold". Water could be seen trickling down from the roof.

Could not access the roof at the time i went as it was closed after 6. But yet it is sometimes nice to visit places where you have not been in a long time, brings back memories of your past.

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