Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bonia Eternal Skies Fashion Shoot @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Was at Pavilion on Saturday for an assignment and since i had only 2 more days of holidays left, might as well make full use of it. Was give a media pass by a friend to this event, technically I'm not affiliated with any magazine or of the media but i received a media pass so why not? I have never shot a fashion show before so it's a good time to practice and expose myself to it.

Since i am a noobie photographer I actually looked at the other photographers who were present and decided to follow them around. Supposedly if you are from the media they do not serve drinks and food to you. Apparently G.H Mumm champagne was served and each guest received a Bonia gift bag.

Eventually i managed to keep up with them, but my God those other photographers who were there, pure professionals. They were carrying like 2-3 SLR bodies with them and this dude had this diffuser that looked like a pipe bomb. But it was a great learning experience, one of them actually helped me out by giving pointers to me.

The host of the event which I couldn't catch her name. Oh ya just a little background info on this new line that Bonia has launched, it's called Eternal Skies and it is inspired by the beautiful mountains of Spain and this event was held in conjunction with the F1 Grand Prix this weekend. Heck, i don't know about fashion so don't ask me about it. Lol

On with the show.

Our Miss Malaysia, Deborah Henry and our Malaysia's Top Supermodel Amber Chia was present during the event and they modeled some the of the line's collection on the runway.

Besides them there were like 98% other Caucasian models. Bonia is a Malaysian brand so I guess why they hired "Ang Moh Lang" to model their latest line was probably they wanted to look professional and reach out to the international market.

Ms Shermaine Phang was also one of the models, I don't know if i got the name right or not, apparently she is a model based in Singapore.

Ms Deborah Henry.

Missus Amber Chia

Some tall Caucasian models.

I really wonder how did Bonia managed to find such hot models and how much did they pay them. They looked as though as they were taken off from a Gucci fashion show.

I thought this piece was really interesting as I think I have seen it before at Sungai Wang Plaza. Haha.

Some man whores, I mean male models.

Missus Amber Chia.

Miss Deborah Henry again.

At the end of the show.

Some close ups of the celebrity models. Deborah Henry.

Amber Chia

Shermaine Phang.

The designer of Bonia's  new collection.

You will never guess who was the entertainer for the night. 

It was Anita Sarawak. I was so shocked to see her. She must be in her 60s by now and look at her, she was freaking energetic, running and jumping up and down the stage.

Her face was extremely wrinkled free and she did not have a strand of white hair. Talk about Botox and plastic surgery.

Well it was my first time shooting an event like this and it was a great experience. Learned plenty from the "Pros" there.