Saturday, March 20, 2010

Monkeying Around With Speech Bubbles

I have been taking loads of pictures since i bought my camera about 3 months ago. One thing i really hate is post production as i can't seem to get an idea how to use Photoshop, most i will ever do is use Lightroom to balance the colours, exposure, etc.

So that day when i was browsing the web i stumbled upon a great tutorial on how to do the easiest "Photoshoping" ever. Speech bubbles. The easiest and the most effective editing process in my opinion to add more "story" or "life" to your pictures. Oh ya before i forget here is the link for the tutorial: 

 Make fun of your subjects by literally inserting any thing at all into your speech bubbles

Turn an innocent picture into a naughty one.

And lastly just for the fun of it, make an ass completely out of your friends.

Muahahaha enjoy!


  1. Melvin! Leave the monkey alone! *hic* *hic* *sob* *sob* Why do you always have to pick on the monkey??? It has done nothing to you!! Nothing I say!!!

    Then again monkeys are cute to toy with.
    Go study for the endocrin finals!
    Come on man! Come on! Toxoplasma Gondiiiiiii!!!!

  2. Hahaha.. Sry it was either you picture or the monkey of the monkey.. Well i decided on the monkey cause firstly it has a bigger brain than you and secondly it is less hairy than you..Muahaha

  3. now now leeyoongzher, don't be so evil. =/
    *hangs patrick by the neck

  4. hahaha...was too bored le..I actually edited like 5 pics and decided to pick this one as this is the one which was the least offensive..