Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Tamron Portraiture First Assignment

Took my new 70-300mm Tamron for a test drive on some portrait shots. 
Important pointers however on this lense:

a)I learnt that this lens is super super soft (well it can mean a good thing or either bad thing to your preferences on how you want your pictures to turn out)
b)Picture quality wise, this lens produces superb images, punchy colours, great great features, sharp at almost all focal range (It does however becomes really unstable at 300mm, had to reduce the aperture by a few stops down)
c)The bokeh for this lens is pretty darn awesome.
d)It is quite accurate in it's autofocus and quite fast considering the fact that this lens has a pretty high focal range
e)Chroma abbreviation does appear when photos were taken at high contrasting conditions, but it's not that bad and can be corrected by a little PP
f)One of the best investment so far for me. Muahahaha.

Amazing bokeh eh? Its definitely more unique than the kind of bokeh you get on Nikon lenses.

The picture has been given a colour treatment but as you can see the lens is pretty sharp at low focal lengths.

The lens has some pretty punch colours as can be seen in the next photo. 

An example of chroma abbreviation caused by the lense and if you notice this image is really soft. Had to push it down a few stops to achieve decent sharpness.

All in all it is a very good lens considereing the price i paid for it. It does give some amazing results when used in the appropriate conditions.


  1. definitely can't say that the bokeh is more unique than Nikkor lenses. What are you comparing it to? The 18-55? You have to compare lens by lens. Focal length does a great deal of difference to the bokeh.

    So if you want to compare, compare it to the 70-300 Nikkor G. I've used it before and it's pretty good, but not satisfactory. Painful lens for portraiture. I'm satisfied with my current lenses for portraiture. =)

    Do invest in a 50mm or 85mm, and for this, get only Nikkor prime lenses. =) Fantastic for portraitures,

  2. Haha Noted down dude..sry I'm still a newb and have been using the 18-55 almost 98% of the time..neway do comment on the pics..c & ca welcomed..would luv to learn from a pro..haha

  3. I love the picture of phei yee sitting down on the grass area. I think it's really beautiful.

    Work on your framing, understand your camera and lenses so that you don't put the photos in your computer, then go, "eh..why a bit underexposed wan?". Also bear in mind that when you shoot chinese asians in direct sunlight, you are bound to get very yellow warm tones on the skin-which isn't very nice.

  4. Ariety..thanks Sifu keanie for ur constructive c&c's