Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Rugby Shoot

Was invited to shoot the CUCMS Ruggerz at a friendly match at Sekolah Menangah Sains Alam Shah. Brought my baby Tammy but did once of the supidest mistake ever by not placing the lens hood, finally realized it at the last quarter of the match

The journey to the school was about 40minutes from Cyberjaya

Oh if you guys don't know, CUCMS Ruggerz is currently the official rugby team of CUCMS. They just started off but their play is full of quality and they did put up a good fight against their opponents.

The opponent team during the warm up.

Our "Ruggerz"

Pensive mood before the match.

"Pre-game" tactics.

First kick of the game. 

Guys getting on top of each other


This is called rucking. I have no idea what's it for but it's where six guys go head to head on each other.


Alright time for some action

Fighthing for the ball.


Run Forest Run!

"You want the ball?Come grab it!"

Check out how high the guy's pants is pulled up to

Reaching for the ball

 "Run Forest run"

The match ended 10-0 with our team losing but our players regard this match as a learning experience instead of a competitive match.

Receiving some pointers from the school's rugby coach

Post match hugs to end it all..Muahahaha

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