Saturday, March 27, 2010

Some Not So Typical Photography

Just came back from Genting, my long awaited holiday. Having spent hours of memorizing different drug names and doing like 320103977129402 SCTLS, i think i deserve a nice, quiet, cool holiday. Anyway I am here to post about some photography techniques that i used in Genting.

Example 1

                     26mm ISO 800 1/60S F/4.2

What do you think of this shot? Pretty simple and nice right. Well anyone who owns a camera can definitely take this shot, just point and shoot. Let's spice it up a little bit.

                     18mm ISO 800 1/8s f/8

Using the zoom in zoom out technique, this is the result. It creates a whole new perspective and it kinda looks like some sort of modern art or some kid just splash a whole lot of pain on a canvas.

Example 2

                     48mm ISO 800 1/20s f/5.3

A shot of Genting's infamous indoor ferries wheel.

                                32mm ISO 800 1.3S f/20

Same zoom in zoom out technique and it kinda looks like a wheel on fire.

Example 3

                     18mm ISO 100 1/5s f/5

A shot of the indoor theme park. I'm sure you will be able to find this picture on almost every blog out there.

                     22mm ISO 100 1/5S f/5

Using the same technique, i was able to create a radial blur around the statue and thus centering on a subject.

                                22mm ISO 100 1/5s f/5

Some may say, so messy la the picture. Than use the focus in focus out technique. Gives you a nice abstract arty look.

Example 4

                     32mm ISO 800 1/25s  f/4.8

"Yawn. Where's your subject la Melvin, why the composition so bad one." Okay i know shooting on a moving elevator can be tough, plus the low lighting. 
So what would you do. Using 99% inspiration and 1% technique this is what you will get. A whole new picture to buzz about.

                     18mm ISO 800 1.3S F/22

"Waa even more confusing now, what are you trying to do la Melvin"

                                22mm ISO 800 2s f/16

"Waa tak boleh tahan la" Well if it looks too confusing or too distracting, say hello to a good friend of all photographers: Photochop!

Given a slight colour treatment the photos now looks a little subtle. Depends on how you interpret the photo anyway, it boils down to your own preferences.

                                18mm ISO 800 4s f/3.5

You roughly get my point eh? here are a few more examples.

                                18mm ISO 800 4s f/3.5

"Step into the rabbit hole Alice"

                               32mm ISO 400 3s f/8

Shot outside my new college building

                                          36mm ISO 400 2s f/8

 Zoom in zoom out technique result. Lastly, you may say, "Eh Melvin all you showed is mostly shooting landscapes what about portraits?

                                30mm ISO 200 3s f/22 

Here is an example of using long exposure. I manage to create a life around the model Phei Yee whereas she looks stagnant using long exposure. Not many people use long exposure to shoot portraits but it can be done with a lot of patience and trails and errors. Lastly I would like to point out this techniques shown here are basically up to your own preferences and on how you would like your photographs to be viewed. Constructive criticism are well appreciated as i'm still learning. 

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