Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Home Studio Experiment: Water Droplets

Read about this in Digital Photographer Magazine and decided to try it out. Heck i have loads of free time since now is the rarely give holiday by my college. I finished C.O.D World At War this afternoon and finally found the courage to play F.E.A.R 2 on my own. Lol. Anyway here are the results of some of the shots i took early this afternoon. Note that some of the shots have been given an art filter effect. Was just messing around with PhotoChop.

To be honest, its actually quite hard to capture these droplets. Timing must be precise and i couldn't use continuous shooting mode as i was using an external flash and the flash needs about 2-3 seconds for the flash to recharge. 

I think i took about 60 shots and only a few turned out okay.

It's actually harder than what the magazine described it to be. 

Oh yeah, one important thing to note if you are going to try this with an external flash, remember to put your flash on top of a dry surface, my flash was drenched and luckily no damage was done. 

Was actually quite hard to control the flow rate of the water from the bottle, had to duct tape it a few times to change the flow rate. 

My "set-up" simplified.

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