Friday, February 26, 2010

Various Psychiatric Disorders

Madness. Just pure madness. Did a little experiment with Mr Fitri that day. This is what a tripod, a self triggered flash and loads of inspiration can do to you.

The Catatonic Schizo. A state where a person stands in a catatonic pose

Bi-Polar disorder. One moment happy the next filled with aggression.

Anti-social disorder. Smooth talker. Self centered

Paranoia Schizo. Thinks everyone around him/her is out to get him/her.

Multiple Personality Disorders. Picture explains it all.

Shot with 
F/18 20s
ISO 200

This is what happens to you when you become medical students. You ultimately lose your minds. 

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  1. This is so the darn cool! hahaha.

    I attempted to do smth like that with my G11 but failed. lol.