Sunday, February 21, 2010

Of Andrew And His Dog

I dont know if you guys have heard the story of Andrew and his Dog. There is apparently a grave in the Penang Youth Park cemetery which has a stone dog carved on top of it. Read about it from so i decided to check it out myself since i was in Penang.

Did the most silly thing ever, visited the grave in the middle of the afternoon. Was sweating all over hardly after 5 mins. Lemme tell you bout the mosquitoes there, you know mosquitoes usually come out in the night or in the evenings right. Well it was freaking 230pm and i was getting bitten left and right.

The cemetery was not spooky as i expected it would be well mainly because this was a Christian cemetery and not your typical Chinese cemetery where there are legs sticking out from the ground.

Graves of police officers who served during the Emergency.

Was starting to feel really tired when i spotted the caretaker of the cemetery. He asked me "Hello son which grave are you looking for" he had this wild eyes which really freaked me out i thought for a moment that it was the extra-terrestrials.
 So i asked him "Uncle where is the grave got the dog wan r?"
"Oh the dog grave r, come here here" * he was carrying a big cangkul was freaking scared that he was gonna dig me my grave
He led me to a grave which was actually quite far off from the road to....


ANDREW'S DOG GRAVE SITE. The caretaker than told me the story bout how this grave came about. Apparently Mr Andrew was an estate manager. He had a big dog as his pet and there were really tight. One day Mr Andrew fell ill and couldn't make his rounds to the estates he managed. After a week or so, Mr Andrew than passes on. The dog and his wife attended the funeral. After the funeral the dog couldn't eat or sleep and would wander out of the house to Mr Andrew's grave to just lie on his tomb hoping that his master would come home. Well the dog died soon after while lying on his master's tomb. The caretaker at that time than decided to sculpt a stone sculpture of the dog to show that the dog was apparently very attached to his master. The caretaker also told me that apparently the dog's ashes are buried together with Mr Andrew.

Hmm will my Patrick do the same for me?

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