Friday, February 19, 2010

Say Hello to my little friend

Melvin has a tripod melvin has a tripod. Yeah finally bought one and its a pretty good one too. Got it at 50% off. What a steal. 

It came in this chic all weather bag

How it looks when it is completely folded. Small and compact. 

Although it has a sturdy construction, what it lacks is a non-plastic head. The head is freaking made of plastic and its freaking flimsy. Whenever i mount my camera it's so shaky that i'm afraid my camera might fall. Well we cant have the best of both worlds eh.

The pretty darn good construction.

 Ability to shoot in a vertical and horizontal position. Ok thats it for today. Will be uploading more pics on my recent outing soon. Till than its back to school.. *stress starts kicking in

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