Wednesday, February 24, 2010

When I was Young-er

When I was smaller i had to look back at my mom with a pitiful face when my dad was driving me to my first dental appointment.

I will than thank my parents in the future for forcibly pushing me into the car for my dental. This is why i have nice teeth now


When i was young,  I always thought that i would be a superhero or an action movie star in the future with my lil brother as my sidekick.

When I was young I would stare into a camera curiously, wondering how it could capture and frame any moment.

When I was younger i always wished i had a lil brother to bully and get piggy backs from.

 When i am older i will look back at this bunch of photos which has aged 

And remember that the photographer stole our CNY fireworks

I know its lame..not good at telling stories..Muahahaha

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