Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Girl and The Red Balloon

Hey howdy hey. Been pretty busy in the last 2 weeks had loads of assignments and studying to do. There was a shoot which took up most of my time as it was a shoot for Phei Yee's competition. Will release the pictures after the competition is over. So yeah overall, busy busy busy. But the block has ended and time for some R & R and some shooting. Some "behind the scenes" of the shoot i had with Phei Yee, had to recruit some of my friend to help with the shoot, among them a creative stylist as you can see here directing the shoot.

Went to The Curve on Saturday with Phei Yee to watch Narnia. Pretty darn awesome movie don't know why was warned repeated times by my other friends to not watch it. Yeah so anyways to cut the long story short, ever since I did the shoot for Phei Yee's competition thingy ma jiggy she has been overly obsessed to shoot fashion and uploading it to those "Rempit" websites and have like people to "Hype" it, to be honest most of the people do not have any fashion sense or what not. But oh well girls always win in asking guys to do things for them. So she wanted to do a shoot with balloons as it was deemed "creative" to her.

Headed to a balloon shop and bought a heart shaped balloon and than we started shooting.

Her face clearly shows that she has stepped in dog poo. Nyeh nyeh.

Yay for selective colorize!

And yay for abnormal color bleaching.

Kept shooting till it was around 4 and we were both hungry as hell so we took a little break and just sat at McD and refilled Coke till about 7. I think I may have diabetes by now.

After Narnia, was more energized and so we did a few more shots.

Here is a ring that Phei Yee bought after spending 1hour in those Bazaar stores and i was standing in the sun during the hour and she insisted that we have a shot of it. Worth it? *SNORT.

More "I bought a fabulous ring-whoring" shots

Some cutsy wutsy photos as she said she looked fat if I were to shoot her at eye level. Girls and their endless cam-whoring complains. 

To be honest the models are sometimes more fussy than the photographer. I had a shoot on Saturday morning but can you believe it, the model called me up at 730AM to cancel when i had bathe and all. Well in this shoot Phei Yee was like complaining "Yer you make me look fat" , "The balloon not heart shapish enough" "Make sure photoshop till can't see pimples ya" etc. etc. Haih, the agony we photographers face...


  1. You look awesome there... whoever took your photo is surely have some nice skill. so is the one who photoshop it :)

  2. love the 4th picture of the post..

  3. YHS: Lol.. I am a guy YHS. The girl in the pic is my girl

    Khai Ven: Thanks Khai Ven! Do check back here from time to time i do loads of shoots jst dont have the time to upload them here

    Philip: Thanks Philip!

  4. Continue work hard lo...
    Support you...

  5. you are so annoying..feel like smashing ur head with dumbell

    anyway well done...frankly speaking when i see your skill in taking picture...u re are like professional already...good2.

    and also good picture editor...i hope to see you to improve much better ur skill and if ure lucky enough to be my photographer for my wedding ceremony :P...

    done for 3 paragraph and extra one more here...selamat maju jaya :) :)