Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Winning Shots

Did a shoot for a competition for Phei Yee a few weeks ago. It was for DoubleWoot's "Win a dress competition"  as she had already won the preliminary rounds she had to take a photo of the dress she had won in order to win a RM200 voucher from DoubleWoot. I was like literally super excited for the shoot i don't know why, I was more worried than her and I was like literally stalking DoubleWoot's blog for the announcement of the results every 30minutes on Monday (The due day of the results).

Alright lets get back to the shoot, I borrowed an additional Speedlight from a friend of mine as I wanted to create some dramatic lighthing.

Got a softbox and a lamp for the shoot as the theory goes "The bigger your light source, the softer your light will be" as said by Darth Vader to his son. Well I don't know who said that so I am just going to take a wild guess it was someone cool.

My rough lighting setup.

My "Bible" :- The three point lightning setup theory. *Dramatic music plays in the background. Ok enough of bullshitting, here are the results of the shoot. Location of the shoot was at my friend's house in Sri Hartamas, took me awhile to scout the location as i needed a red background to compliment the black dress and the red belt.

Yeap i cheated a little, suppose to use 5 lights but I had to improvised with just 3.

Oh ya I had to engage the help of some of my friends, 2 guys to act as my "tripod" and a creative stylist to help the model with the "posing".

This is the "I know you want this dress, but you can't get it look" according to the creative stylist.

This is my favorite shot among all. "The This is Vogue shot"

I did a few montages too as i was just being plain creative, had other ideas for the shoot but due to the limited time this was all I could come out with. Oh ya here is my winning entry as displayed on DoubleWoot's blog: http://double-woot.blogspot.com/2010/12/winner-of-dw-win-dress-contest.html


  1. it's gorgeous... i could never produce a photo like that..

  2. Wow, You won it?? Congratz~~ XD

  3. Congratz on winning!!
    I'm sure you truly deserved it:D

  4. love the 3rd n 5th pic of Phei Yee.... =3
    and dyou really need to draw that setups??
    oh well, congrats to u n phei yee and....
    the 'team' :D

  5. uber nice !! the lighting is awesome :D

  6. As Tyra Banks always says "your face is like a moth, find the light!" I think that's one of the reason why that picture works well^^ lovely face, nice neck, natural pose and ahem photog skills^^

  7. Super nice.

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  8. Thanks for the comments guys :) much appreciated!