Friday, December 31, 2010

It Was A Snowy New Year

First post of the year. What did i do for New Year's? Brought two non-KLians to experience what was new year like in KL. Gave them 3 choices, The Curve, clubbing or stay at home. Well since one was underage decided to head to The Curve. 

Our 2 victims are Phei Yee and her brother.

Settled at theobroma's Chocolate Lounge to chill while waiting for midnight to come.

 Shared Belgian waffles and a frappe.


Some not so "everyday" shots. Like the "David Hockney"  technique of panorama

Some slow shutter shots.

Oh ya speaking of The Curve, it was packed as hell. Like literally packed and for a no good reason, half of the people there were either drunk or packed with adrenaline. Damn alot of jostling and shoving around there.

Dunno what this picture is suppose to mean. Did i catch a ghost here?lols

Some artsy-fartsy shots

So ya was waiting at Sanctuary for the countdown, at 1158pm there was no countdown, at 1159pm no countdown, than all of a sudden there were fireworks, epic fail. Than when the fireworks all went up, every started spray-snowing each other. It was almost like a huge snow storm had hit the curve.

I'm too old for this, or else I would have joined them too, too bad for me, use to find this so fun, but now i worry bout my camera and my clothes. Haih when we were still young. Apparently snow cans are banned in Penang, to bad for Penangities.

So yeah when the fireworks lit up the sky everyone stopped their snow fight to observer the fireworks, peace for like 10 minutes and than it was all back again to spraying each other.

I pity the people who have to clean all the mess up, the empty spray cans was like almost everywhere and there were people blowing their air horns.

Not trying to be a spoilsport, but I did enjoy the celebrations, just that i think my two friends found this quite scary as in Kuantan all they ever do is head to the beach for a new year's celebration. Oh well in KL we do it the KL way.


  1. looks like a messy place.. i wouldnt wanna go to such places too.. haha.. stayed in the comfort of home.. but got to witness the fireworks from the curve :)

  2. stay home watch 101 fireworks much fun.

  3. The foam stinks and I hate it, really pity those Curve's cleaner :s

  4. How did u do the people walking here & there effect.. :P

    BTW, Blessed Happy New Year!! ;D

  5. Great effects!! Happy New Year~~ =]

  6. nice photos... :) HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  7. I like it. The streaks and the slow shutters capture the business and crowdiness of The Curve. :) Happy New Year.

  8. Wow, I never had my new year celebrated at The Curve before.

  9. wow! nice pictures...i always wanted to go the chocolate lounge, but still haven get the chance yet, haha!

  10. Wow, it was really crowded! Haha x) But thats how new year's eve supposed to be like, heh! Happy new year!

  11. It was crazyy! The air literally smell of those foam for the whole night...nice pics btw :)

  12. Wow! so many ppl? =) Happy new year too!

  13. Happy New Year to you!

    I love the dessert photo. SO tempting!


  14. Hehe..Thanks guys for the comments.A happy new year to all once again