Tuesday, December 28, 2010

KL and It's Mood for Christmas

 Yes yes, I know I am a little late about Christmas, nonetheless during Christmas i had a great time with my family and friends. In the morning of Christmas i went out with my parents for a Christmas high-tea in one of the hotels in KL.

The spread for the high-tea was not really that awesome. To be honest the spread was quite plain actually.

 Nevertheless they did include some local Malaysian delicacies like the "Ice kacang".

 And the satay.

There were also some Christmas Themed items in the spread, like christmas muffins and puddings.

Overall a simple but nice meal with the family.

Took a stroll in KL after the meal. Man, KL was packed with people. Everyone seemed to be doing their last minute shopping. KL seemed to be in the Christmas mood

Some people came dressed for the occasion with Santa Hats and reindeer hats.

Any hozer, Merry Christmas again from Flash-it-baby! It's never too late as there is 12 days of Christmas :)