Saturday, December 25, 2010

Jingle The Bells

What did i do for Christmas? Well what better to spend it with but with your closest friends.

Headed to Vintry's to have a little Christmas gathering with some of my close friends and to have a little gift exchange. The rules for the gift exchange were set earlier, no photo frames, no mugs and nothing recycled and the gift has to be more than RM 15. I think this are a really good set of rules and should be implemented for every Christmas gift exchange, this would really root out the cheap skates and reduce the crap presents during a Christmas gift exchange

As Vintry was a wine cellar, we decided to have some wine on the side while we catch up with each other and to get to know some new people. The pork here apparently is really good. Did not have the heart to try it out as was really packed from a Christmas Buffet I attended earlier

Wine was picked by EeT's other half who is an experience wine connoisseur.  

Haven't seem my high school mates for at least 6 months. 

Met some new people and shared stories.

Mun Mun and Hidayat.

Alvin and EeTs.

Choong and Janics

Some of Elaine's friends.

More like a Christmas Dinner minus the turkey and other stuff.

Yin Choong's bday was on the 26th so it was only appropriate to wish him at 12pm.

Group picture.

Bday boy with his cake.

Gift exchange time

The folks and their spoils.

Small and simple gathering.Time to hit the sack now..


  1. Very nice pictures! Happy christams

  2. hm. nice pictures. :D and wow. birthday on christmas? cool guy :O

  3. Thanks guys for the comments.. Yeap din eat much that night cause all we did was drink the wine. The wine was yummy though.