Saturday, November 27, 2010

6 Reasons Why I Hate Jay Chou

To Mr Jay Chou, I hate you. I hope you are reading this, here are 6 reasons why.

6. You cause girlfriends of us guys to lose their minds and waking us up at 7 am to head into the middle of KL to stand in line to buy your tickets.

And when they are lining for your tickets they don't seem bored or tired, but if you were to take them to PC fair or to look at any photography stuff they were look as though were bored to death.

5. Mr Jay Chou, the line to buy your tickets was super long and there were 100000 squirmy girls and 500 squirmy guys in that line. I shall quote a famous Russell Peter's line here "Why am i paying 200 bucks to watch someone who looks like me, I should stay at home and look in the mirror" Call me cheap but yeah, why should i pay 200 bucks to watch a Chinese guy wearing horrible costumes and belting emotional songs to giggly teenage girls. Again Mr Jay Chou, you have brainwashed the minds of our girl friends and they have managed to convince us somehow to go and watch you.

4. The line was FREAAAAKING LONG and unmovable for about 3 hours. Yes yes yes, I am sure nobody is a fan of long and unmovable lines, so literally I was FEREAKING annoyed when we waited since 830 and at 1230 we seem like we were not going anywhere.

3. What's up with the horrible costumes and the portrayal of you being some video game hero, are your costume designers some nerds who plays video games 24/7? Why can't Chinese singers be normal and wear a smart shirt like this cute chubby boy?

2. Since every Malaysian is cheap, they decided to go for the cheapest tickets and of course that sold out in 10 minutes. Well some girlfriends being hard core fans decided not to give up but insisted that they get the more expensive tickets and seeing you was a matter of life and death. RM 210 per person can help like AIDS in Africa.

1. Your free gift sucks. A poster of YOU, a calendar of YOU, and a larger poster of YOU. All with the same photos, talk about lazy PR.

Saying that Mr Jay Chou I am still going to attend your concert and sing along to your songs. Why? Well by brainwashing Phei Yee you have indirectly brain washed me. Damn you!


    you're the one that tell your gf and now you're complaining??? haha...
    btw i'm was so ugly when you took photo me us!
    you should have asked up pose and take photo with out tickets!!!

  2. wahaha...poor guy..
    well i have to watch twilight with my girl some time in the future... =P

  3. LOVE THIS POST ! I hate Jay Chou too =/

  4. hahaha..i hate because I can't get his ticket.

  5. bitter guy... suck it up~!

  6. he will assume this is a compliment if he ever read this